RO Marine AS is a leading insurance provider to the global maritime industry, combining financial strength with outstanding service to help our Assureds meet the continually evolving liability environment in which Shipowners and Charterers operate. We provide an extensive, diverse portfolio of covers for Shipowners, Offshore Contractors/Operators, Charterers, Traders and Yacht Owners.

With its headoffice in Norwegian Shipowners’ Association building RO Marine providing premium insurance for vessels trading worldwide with 24/7 support from our experienced Claims Team and P&I Correspondents in every port of the World.


RO Marine AS is dedicated to protecting ocean industries, lives, health, environment and property. We sharing knowledge and expertise, particularly in order to improve safety and promote best practice across the industry.

Vision and Values

Our Vision is to be the leading marine insurer. We have also always invested in our intellectual capital we aim to create and share best practices both internally and externally. People is always being our most valuable asset leading the Company to top positions in the marine industry.

RO Marine has solid casualty and emergency response experience which together with our comprehensive Loss Prevention Programme makes us the global leader within our field.